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Calling all Girls to the Grill

How many times have you heard the expression, “It’s a man’s world?” More times than you care to talk about, right?! It’s usually the same way when it comes time to fire up the grill. Well, this is rapidly changing.

My name is Elizabeth Karmel, a.k.a. Grill Girl and often referred to as the Queen of the Grill. I’m here to tell you that grilling isn’t just for boys anymore. As a girl who’s been grilling and loving it for the last decade (and believe it or not…teaching men to grill too), I’m committed to sharing my passion for outdoor cooking with women everywhere. Not only will you have eaten your last piece of charred chicken or shoe-leather steak, but you’ll find out just how fun it is. Why do you think the boys have kept it to themselves all these years?

Industry statistics show that women are grilling out more often and are taking charge of the grill for more occasions. Women all across the U.S. are hungry for recipes and hints on how to use the grill to cook for family and friends. is the first grilling website designed for women by women—or rather “for girls by girls” because in North Carolina where I grew up, a woman is a “girl” until she’s 99!

But I digress, inside these cyber pages, girls (and guys) of all ages will learn everything they need to know when it comes to grilling. For novices and experts alike, start off by Testing Your Grill Skill a quick quiz that will determine if you are Sparky, Smokin’ or Red Hot! Click on to Grilling 101 to learn how to buy a grill, which grill fits your lifestyle; read about the great debate of gas vs. charcoal and why I think gas grills are liberating and not at all scary. Once you’ve got your grill in place, learn how to light the fire, what the three essential ingredients are (hint: my trademarked Grilling Trilogy), and how to choose the right cooking method. Every basic step of grilling and outdoor cooking is covered right here!

Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to move on to the fun stuff. My motto is, “If you can eat it, you can grill it!” And I’ve put together a collection of both classic and untraditional recipes for you to try. What better way to start your next cook-out than with an appetizer of Grilled Pizza or Salt-Crusted Shrimp, followed by Lemony Roasted Chicken with Pearl Onions and an indulgent Grilled Banana Split Sundae. (Yes, you are grilling the bananas!) Whether you’re in the mood for chicken, beef, pork or fish, we’ve got you covered and you’ll soon learn, that “if you can eat it, you can grill it!”

So, join me and all my grill friends for a great cookout!


You Grill Girl!

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Chef, Author, Entrepreneur, Media Personality North Carolina native Elizabeth Karmel, a.k.a. Grill Girl, is a nationally respected authority on grilling, barbecue and Southern food. She launched, an "online barbecue shack" specializing in North Carolina whole-hog barbecue seasoned with Karmel's signature Lexington-Style Vinegar Barbecue Sauce on November 1, 2014. This mash-up of eastern and western North Carolina styles is a "first" and Karmel believes is the best of what North Carolina barbecue has to offer the barbecue world. It may be untraditional, but Karmel believes that one bite will convince you that it is the best North Carolina barbecue that you have ever tasted.

Karmel created with her childhood friend, David Lineweaver who is known for hosting North Carolina barbecues in New York. The e-commerce website launched in time for holiday gift-giving and party throwing.

She is the founding executive chef of Hill Country Barbecue Market in NYC, Brooklyn and Washington, DC, and NYC and Brooklyn's Hill Country Chicken. She developed the award-winning menu and flavor profiles from the meats to the sides and desserts for both restaurant concepts. On July 4, 2012, The New York Times awarded Hill Country Barbecue Market NYC 2 stars and a glowing review that read like a love letter to barbecue and the Hill Country concept.

Karmel is a food writer, culinary consultant and entrepreneur. She writes a bi-monthly column for the Associated Press called The American Table and is the author of three acclaimed cookbooks. She designs an innovative line of outdoor cooking and kitchen tools, and recently introduced Elizabeth's Everyday Essentials line of French porcelain by Revol.

As a sought after media personality, Karmel writes for, and is frequently featured in an array of national magazines from Bon Appetit to Better Homes & Gardens, and was named one of the top 100 chefs by Saveur magazine.

She appears regularly on all three network morning shows and is a guest judge on Chopped and Iron Chef. She has appeared on a number of Food Network shows and hosted her own special on The Cooking Channel. Karmel is the founder of the decade-old, gender-breaking Follow her @GrillGirl and like her fan page on Facebook

Elizabeth Karmel is America's Female Grilling Expert.

—Steven Raichlen, author The Barbecue Bible and How to Grill


Kirsten Newman-Teissier grew up surrounded by good food. Her father owned a wholesale food distribution company that specialized in fresh seafood and supplied many of the best restaurants in the Philadelphia area. Her mother was, and is a great cook and the food media's number-one fan. When Kirsten was a kid, her mother made meals from both her Gourmet cookbooks and the local Italian cuisine. This made Kirsten a lover of all kinds of foods and especially well-versed in cooking and eating fish. Elizabeth and Kirsten bonded early on over their love of fresh seafood and cooking with their mothers. Kirsten relocated from Philadelphia to Chicago to pursue a career in public relations in the music industry. But her love of food brought her to Weber Shandwick Public Relations, where she met Elizabeth, and worked with her on the Weber grill account. Very soon, Kirsten fell in love with grilling and barbecue and helped Elizabeth on all aspects of the account.

When Elizabeth decided to launch in 2002 and start her own grilling and barbecue domain, Kirsten joined her to spread the good word of barbecue! Since that time, Kirsten has become an expert griller, using the grill to cook everything from Elizabeth's North Carolina's Pulled Pork, which has become her family's favorite! to grilling vegetables for a quick weeknight pasta. Kirsten is the Public Relations and Website Manager and extremely excited to launch the new